Magnet FAQs



Approximately what is the student to teacher ratio?

OGA follows class size amendment maximum as set forth by Florida Department of Education.

  • Grades 2 – 3: Max of 18 students per class
  • Grades 4 – 5: Max of 22 students per class
  • Grades 6 – 8: Max of 22 students in core classes (ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies)

Do current students have to be apply every year?

No, if you would like your student to continue at OGA, you do not have to re-apply.

How attached to the grade level standards is the curriculum? If a student is far above, will they work on their own level?

All curriculum and standards are differentiated. We have middle school students taking math at levels above their grade level as well as students in elementary working on levels that are appropriate for them.

If accepted into the program, are students able to stay through middle school?

Yes, once students are enrolled at OGA, they maintain that seat until they withdraw or complete 8th grade.

Do siblings have to be tested as gifted as well to attend the school?

Siblings would need to meet application criteria, which includes being identified as gifted and having an EP (Educational Plan).

Do you typically have more people applying than spots available?

This depends on the grade level. We typically have more spots available in the lower grades – less as students enter middle school.

I saw that you had French - do you do Spanish as well?

We offer Spanish as a Middle School elective.

If one sibling gets in will the other sibling automatically get in too or not necessarily?

Not necessarily. School Choice Services may give a sibling preference to the elementary siblings of older elementary students already admitted and attending OGA and who will be returning to OGA in the year for which the application is being made. Siblings must meet OGA requirements. Consideration for sibling preference is given to eligible applicants on a space-available basis and must be indicated on the application. Failure to apply by the deadline or indicate sibling preference on the application will result in denial of the sibling preference for the younger sibling.

Do you have space in the upcoming 4th grade?

We anticipate having space in 4th grade for the 2022-2023 school year. This year, we currently have 3 classes of 3rd grade students. We anticipate having four 4th grade classrooms next year.

Do you have space in the upcoming 3rd grade?

We anticipate having space in 3rd grade for the 2022-2023 school year. This year, we currently have 2 classes of 2nd grade students. We anticipate having three 3rd grade classrooms next year.

If the child was evaluated privately and not through OCPS but has an EP through OCPS, do you look at that after the lottery?

When you complete the application, apply as a private school student. The School Choice office will confirm your child has an EP. If you have questions regarding this, please contact the School Choice office at [email protected]

What are middle school hours?

Students can arrive as early as 8:15a. First period starts at 8:45a. The school day ends at 3:00p (2:00p on Wednesdays). ASP (After School Program) provides before school (7:00a-8:45a) and after school care (dismissal – 6:00p) on OGA’s campus.

How do we apply? Where do we find the application?

The application is located on the School Choice website (