School Advisory Council


School Advisory Council


What is the School Advisory Council?

The purpose of the School Advisory Council (SAC) is to assist in the preparation and evaluation of the school improvement plan for the current year (Fla. Stat. § 1001.452(2), 2019).The SAC also provides assistance to the principal in the planning of the upcoming year’s budget (Fla. Stat. § 1001.452(2), 2019D). 

Section 1001.452(1)(a) of the Florida Statutes (2019) outlines the following key elements:

The SAC membership must be representative of the ethnic, racial, and economic community served by the school.
The majority (at least 51 percent) of SAC members must be non-school district employees.
Each advisory council is required to be composed of the principal and an appropriately balanced number of teachers, parents, and other business and community citizens. 

School Advisory Council Voting Members


Annmarie Cherolini

Jenn Mandelion Chrisman

Sarah Courtney

Britt Despenza

Martha McCormick-Watson

Ericka Scheid

Melonie Sexton

Jeremy Siegel (Vice Chair)

Reagan Smythe (Secretary)

Jami Valentine Miller

Melissa Vaughan

Teresa Viruet

Jennifer Vose (Chair)

Meeting Dates:
October: 10/29/2020 @5p    Agenda     Minutes 

November: 11/12/2020 @5p   Agenda    Minutes  SAC Bylaws with strikethrough
December: 12/17/2020 @3:30p   Agenda     Minutes    
January: 01/28/2021 @5p       Agenda     Minutes   
February: 02/25/2021 @5p       Agenda     Minutes     
March: 03/25/2021 @5p        Agenda     Minutes     
April subcommittee mtg: 04/26/2021 @5:30p.           Agenda       
April: 04/29/2021 @3:30p         Agenda     Minutes      Click here to join the meeting
May subcommittee mtg: 05/03/2021 @5:30p     
May subcommittee mtg: 05/10/2021 @5:00p     Click here to join the meeting
May: TBD         Agenda     Minutes