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We are excited that you are interested in continuing your child’s education at Orlando Gifted Academy (school profile). At Orlando Gifted Academy, we foster academic excellence, develop responsible citizens and inspire lifelong learning. Our school provides opportunities for gifted learners in grades 2 - 8 to reach their potential while pursuing interests and tapping into strengths. Students will work individually and collaboratively with fellow students while challenged to think creatively and use problem-solving strategies to develop real-world and applicable projects. We also provide a rigorous academic curriculum in standards based classes with differentiation to meet each student’s needs.  Further advancement of the curriculum is completed through SEM-R, M2M3, IIM, Junior Great Books, Orange County Virtual School, Field Trips, and Enrichment Clusters. You can read more about our curriculum and supplemental resources by clicking on OGA Curriculum Booklet

Orlando Gifted Academy (OGA) is a full day- self contained public gifted magnet school in Florida. We base our program on the work of Renzulli at the University of Connecticut, one of the major university gifted programs in the country. The Renzulli Gifted Checklist is used across the country, including in OCPS, in determining eligibility for gifted education. Our program includes SEM-R reading instruction and Enrichment Clusters along with a compacted curriculum in all content areas to provide a program above and beyond what most schools offer in OCPS and the state of Florida. In addition, all teachers are certified and experienced in teaching gifted learners. Here, your child can experience gifted instruction all day...more than one day a week or one hour per day unlike most other schools in the country.

Students who desire to attend the Orlando Gifted Academy must apply online through School Choice in order to be entered into the lottery. For information on the Magnet Application process, please visit OCPS School Choice's Magnet Program website.

Orlando Gifted Academy Magnet Tours

Due to pandemic, face to face tours have been suspended. Please see the video below for a virtual tour. 

For a virtual tour** of our school, see below: 

**created by Ms. Hinch's Video Production class

For more information or questions about our Gifted Program, please contact Ericka Scheid at [email protected] or Cynthia Gentry-Mickelson at [email protected]

Gifted Resources:


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