All grade levels will be preparing for FAST or EOC Exams that will test them on their respective state course standards. In addition to the daily review that the students receive in class, there will be a more intense focus on the standards through a variety of venues including web based programs, and collaborative learning.

Project M²: Mentoring Young Mathematicians is a series of eight curriculum units designed for grades K-2 to foster inquiry and engage students in critical thinking, problem solving, and communication activities. Aligned to the State Standards for geometry and measurement, Project M² units focus on “in-depth” mathematics using research-based practices and standards in mathematics education and early childhood education. Level K focuses on geometry and measurement while Levels 1 and 2 focus on geometry, measurement, and numbers. Through the use of engaging characters who guide students through the curriculum, students are led to new learning environments where they can develop reasoning and communication skills related to each area of emphasis.

Project M3 : Mentoring Mathematical Minds is a series of curriculum units developed to motivate and challenge mathematically talented students at the elementary level. Project M3 has long been recognized as one of the nation’s top programs in gifted mathematics education and is now available in Flourish. Project M3 delivers even more ways for teachers to motivate and challenge advanced students in grades 3-6. The Project M3 curriculum features explorations of simulated or real-life problems so students can actively solve them in the same ways that practicing mathematicians do.

Math Innovations is a coherent and focused middle grades curriculum that aligns to State Standards and is designed to engage students in gaining a richer, deeper, and more proficient understanding of mathematics. Mathematical ideas are presented in a real-world context to help students understand how math is related and relevant to their daily lives. The curriculum consists of three levels, that address critical mathematic areas and supports student learning with a variety of real-life problem-solving scenarios that are addressed through activities, games, and investigations.