Delayed Dismissal Weather Procedures

Delayed Dismissal for Weather

OCPS’s Delayed Dismissal weather procedures must be activated when lightning is within a certain distance of our school.  Students will not be dismissed until 30 minutes have passed from the last sound of thunder or until lightning is no longer within the radius.  We will put the call out through School Messenger and our social media accounts when Delayed Dismissal procedures are in effect.

When we enter a Delayed Dismissal, all parents/families may either wait in the parent pick-up line until the 30 minutes have passed and we resume the standard dismissal process or park their vehicles and walk to their designated pick-up areas.  Parents of elementary students and their siblings need to bring your “green” car tag to the auditorium stairs along Oregon St. Middle school, and carpool parents need to bring your “orange” car tag to the yellow benches adjacent to the parking lot.  If you do not have a green or orange car tag, you must provide a picture ID and be on the school pick-up list to pick up the child/children.