We will make official announcements when our club and organizational meetings will occur using our school website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

For more information on a particular club please contact our club coordinator, Ms. Lineberry.

Students are urged to join before/after school clubs and activities, community service clubs, and school events. By talking with positive peer models who have been club members, even the shy or withdrawn student can find some benefit in experimenting with one or two activities or clubs. School clubs and before/after school activities are important for the social growth and development of young children, but are especially important for all students of today. What better way to stay connected, active and focused than to unwind with peers who enjoy fun and common interests?

Students join clubs, not only for social reasons, but to teach them better time management. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and disorganized, students that joined clubs tended to manage time better. Students share ways to organize time to fit in before/after school clubs such as STEM, Coding, and Chorus. Students become interested in new cultural experiences or learn new skills. Most clubs and activities require that the student keeps up their grades, follow school rules and policies and is responsible and independent enough not to lose focus on their studies.

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