Schedule Change

Schedule Change Policy
Orlando Gifted Academy creates student schedules with careful consideration to each student’s academic level and areas of interest. In order to provide consistency for parents, students, and teachers, schedule changes will be kept to a minimum. Before making a request, please review the information below to assure that you fully understand the schedule change policy.

Requesting a schedule change
In the rare event that a schedule change is needed, a schedule change request form must be submitted to the School Counselor. No request may be made through personal meetings, phone calls, or emails. Once the proper forms and documentation are provided to the School Counselor, the student’s records will be reviewed and a decision will be made regarding the request.

Reason for changes
● Student is missing a core class.
● Student was inappropriately placed based on grade level.
● Student was inappropriately placed based on skill level.
● Student cannot financially pay for required supplies (i.e. band instrument).
● Student has documented evidence supporting a course change.

Two Week Rule for Electives
Parents and students are responsible for carefully reviewing the elective courses and selecting the most appropriate courses based on their student’s interests and skill level. Students will be required to stay and actively participate in elective courses for the entire year. The School Counselor will do her best to place students in their top elective choices; however, space is limited in each elective. If a parent or student feels they were placed in the wrong elective based on their interest or skill level, they have the first 2 weeks of the school year to request a change. Parents will complete a schedule change form and submit it to the School Counselor. Once the form is submitted, the counselor will review it and decide if a schedule change is possible. Not all schedule change requests will be approved. Following this 2 week period, no changes will be made to the student’s elective schedule without administrative approval.

Schedule Change Request Form