OGA Supply Lists

2nd Grade

 doc / pdf

3 composition notebooks wide rule
1 Binder
2 packs of #2 Pencil (Ticonderoga preferred) 
2 Elmer's glue stick
2 block eraser
2 pocket folders with prongs
1 pack washable marker
1 pencil box/case
1 pack crayons
1 pack of color pencils 
1 pair blunt tip student scissors
1 set of index cards
1 set of Sticky notes 
1 pack Highlighters
1 ruler
1 pack wide ruled loose leaf paper
1 Box of Tissues
1 container of Lysol/Clorox wipes
1 bottle of hand sanitizer
1 wired headphones (for use in class and in Music)

3rd Grade

doc / pdf
1 box of Band-Aids
1 package of crayons
1 package of wide-ruled paper 1 pair of scissors
1 spiral notebook
2 1-inch plastic binders
2 block erasers
2 boxes of Kleenex
2 Highlighters
2 packages of 48 No. 2 pencils
2 reams of white copy paper
4 glue sticks
4-pack of EXPO Dry Erase Markers
Pack of pocket folders
1 wired headphones (for use in class and in Music)
bottle of hand sanitizer 

 1 container of Lysol/Clorox wipes

4th Grade 


1 3-Prong folder with pockets (writing./unfinished work)

4 highlighters

12 #2 Ticonderoga pencils

1 pack of index cards

4 black Expo markers

1 large pencil case

3 spiral notebooks (reading, math, research)

4 large erasers

1 pack of Post-its

1 pair of scissors

1 pack of loose leaf paper

1 ream of copy paper
1 box of Crayola crayons
1 box of colored pencils
1 pack of markers
1 bottle of Elmer’s glue
1 box of tissues
1 headphones (wired – to be used in class & in Music)
1 bottle of hand sanitizer
1 container of Lysol/Clorox wipes
***1 bag of candy
***1 computer mouse (wireless or USB)

Books (paperback or e-book):

Tale of Despereaux (free e-book accessed via Library Research Tools on Launchpad or library)

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Scholastic Junior Classics Version):

A Land Remembered, Student Edition Volume 1

Individual teachers may ask for additional supplies as needed. Supplies with an asterisk are for those students who have chosen face-to-face instruction.

Please label all supplies.

Project Based Learning Suggested Donation: $25

Donation can be made via SchoolPay

5th Grade

 doc / pdf

4  composition notebooks for each subject (math/science/ELA/social studies)
1  pencil pouch
2  packs (12 count) - #2 Pencils sharpened – 1 pack stays at home
1  pack of 12 count assorted color pencils or non-permanent markers
1  pack of highlighters
1  pack dry erase markers
2 reams of white copy/computer paper
1 pack of 80 or 100 sheet graph paper
1 pair of inexpensive computer headphones/earphones (to use in class and in Music)
1 pair of student scissors
4  2-pocket portfolio folders with prongs (4 different colors if possible)
2  packs 100 count 3” X 5” ruled/lined white index cards
1  3” X 5” index card box (optional)
1  single hole puncher (Ms. Jackson’s science students only)
1  12” ruler non-bendable (Ms. Jackson’s math students only)
1  three-ring 1.5” vinyl binder (Ms. Kuerzi’s students only)
1  pack section dividers with tabs (Ms. Kuerzi’s students only)
2  sharpie black ultra-fine markers (Ms. Kuerzi’s students only)
1  set thin markers assorted colors (Ms.Kuerzi’s students only)
2  bottles of hand sanitizer
2  boxes of tissues
1  large roll of paper towels
2 packs lined loose-leaf filler paper 
1 container of Lyso/Clorox wipes


- Pencils
- Erasers
- Hand held pencil sharpener
- Sketchbook or notebook with white unlined paper
- 80 lb. or more drawing paper
- Crayons
- Crayola watercolors
- Black fine tip Sharpie
- Scissors
- Glue sticks
- Colored pencils (optional)
- Markers (optional)
- Oil pastels (optional)
- Gallon zip lock bag to hold supplies

Please have students write their name, grade level, and teacher’s name on their zip lock bag.
*Art supplies do not have to be brand new. 

Middle School School Supplies

 doc / pdf

For Use in All Subjects (to be kept in backpacks):

Wired earbuds/headphones
A 1-inch binder with five dividers
Loose leaf notebook paper (wide ruled or college ruled)
Glue Sticks
Black or blue pens
Erasers (either pencil toppers or separate)
Highlighters (pink, yellow, blue)
Colored Pencils
A handheld pencil sharpener
 A pencil pouch is recommended to hold the smaller supplies.
A wireless mouse (optional)

**Elective courses will provide additional details on needed supplies once school starts. 

6th Grade Supply List

Language Arts
1 composition book (any color/design)
Class novels TBA

6th Grade Adv. Math
One-inch binder hard cover
Graph paper
4 dividers (no pockets)
Binder size 3 Hole Punch

Life Science
One composition book (any color/design)

7th Grade Supply List

Language Arts
1 composition book (any color/design) (will stay in class)
Class novels TBA

7th Adv Math & Algebra
One 1/2 inch Hard binder
Notebook (at least 100 pages)
Five Dividers
Lined notebook paper
Graph Paper
Green Pen
Small Stapler
Scientific Calculator TI30XA (example http://tinyurl.com/apscalculator)

Earth Space Science
Pack of 100 index cards (for making flashcards)
Black Sharpie marker
Plastic folder
Printer paper
Graph paper